A Lost Circle

Trapped again in two minds, two different images seem to collide. Confused beyond what these words could express, losing my way, these thoughts are turning into stress.

A heart that beats, two souls that bring a smile, clashing, intertwining, can’t grab a hold of it. Like a quake that causes a volcano to erupt, these thoughts burn and bleed through my mind.

A simple gesture is all I ask. Be pointed in the one direction, not pulled by each side. There is always a good and an evil that lurks around, the heart needs to feel and hear their sound.

One mistake could turn everything around. Need to tread carefully, be smart and little strong. The vine that coils and wraps itself around my neck, it will not win, i wont surrender, this is not the end.


In This Moment

I cry myself to sleep
Because life can be so cruel

I’m an embarrassment
I’m a disapointment
I can’t seem to do anything right
I must be selfish and inconsiderate
To expressing my own emotions

I get lashed on
Made to feel horrible for the ways that you feel
Be there for you and try to help you
Calm your water when it heats

I have a million emotions
A thousand thoughts that run through my mind too
But ive put you first
Even while my heart bleeds from thirst

I cry myself to sleep
Hating this unfair life
My burdens dig deep
Im a disappointment, what worth do I hold

I needed comfort
Instead I got critisized
If only you looked past it,
Grabbed and told me it will be alright.

Now I feel so worthless,
I can never be an equal by your side.
You’re just to good compared to me,
I’m an embarrasment, I must stand far behind.


How many people have to die
Before this revenge comes to a stop
You’ve blurred enemy lines
Broken all hearts, all over the world

She plotted, organised
Had it all planned out
Swapped her identity
The day she walked out

She never killed
Yet she was highly skilled
Kept her hands clean
Used her mind and her wisdom

She was bright, she was bubbly
Was attached to all she had met
Never intended to hurt
Only wanted an innocent revenge

She lost a love
Two more out of her control
Didn’t dare to go near
The one who made her whole

Her plan was to succeed
To make it all right
To win a started war
To have her father by her side

She never wanted blood on her hands
Or deaths to happen all around
You couldn’t keep your hatred away
You continue to manipulate and fight

Evil always wreathed
Deep down inside your soul
Your games never ending
From so long ago

Innocent lives lost
Only because of your hand
You bring pain and misery
Wherever you stand

Your heart is dark
As dark as coal
This war will never end
Until you actually fall

There’s one more event
It will determine it all
Even though you were a favourite
The villan has to go

Begin Again

You should’ve known
With the talent she had
She would understand your words
She didn’t need to get into your head

She thought you were different
That you were the one
Shared the same dreams
Had all the fun

You worked together as a team
Her lyrics, your voice
Made a Symphony
Made all hearts fall in love

You should’ve known better
What you had, could’ve been yours
But you made a mistake
Fell into fame, and destroyed it all

You got caught up with all these pretty faces
And all hands on you
You forgot about the one loyal heart
That actually belonged to you

You wanted to go on a different path
Believed you found a muse
Realised it wasn’t anything
She was just after a screw

You didn’t realise how special she was
Till she was gone
Now you want a second chance
It is too late, she has moved on

Death Is Not The Answer

Death is not the answer
Yes people make mistakes
Think about the examples
You are setting into place

This is the 21st century
Our lives have dramatically changed
Don’t take away two lives
In the worst possible way

There are many people
Criminals,  who have done so much worse
Yet they only get locked up
Heavily punished for their actions

You can not force this verdict
On these two lost souls
When you have you
Yourselves, been through similar cause

Laws are made
Always broken, not followed
They always change
Based on how we move forward

Don’t be fools
Look at the damages you will cause
Watch a nation erupt
When you decide to kill those souls

Surrender now
Give time to think
If you make your move
That will be your sin

There are so many lives
Lost in this world
We don’t want anymore deaths
No blood, no horrors

So if you have a heart
Spare these two lives
Think of an alternative
To make them pay the heavy price

Stupid Girl

Are you going to move
She says
Strutting her attitude
Like she owns the place

Always making mistakes
Too proud to ask for help
Hides from the blame

The truth always comes out
We know what you do
Leaving messes everywhere
Trying to keep your cool

This is the reality
There is no fun and games
You take this job seriously
Or I’ll make you break

We all dislike you
You’re lucky you are still here
If it was up to me
You would be nowhere near

You make my blood boil
How stuck up you are
I can see that you are plotting
Don’t show me that fake smile

Pack your things
Get ready to go
I’m going to make it my mission
To see you walk out the door

Stupid government

There is a lot of injustice in this country
And I will not remain silent
I will express my feelings
I dare you to condemn

I sit here and watch
Not able to interfere
As single mothers everywhere
Decide to become thieves

Children are abused
The governemnt turns a blind eye to the things they cannot see

Mothers destroy
And cheat
Ruin their own children’s future happiness

They label
They take
Force their way
Plot and scheme to gain what’s not theirs

They laze around
Only to be house mums
To gain the profits
And not spend a dime on their own child

These single mothers become selfish
Greed takes over
Money becomes their thing

There is no proper care for these innocent children
Abandon or brain washed
That is all they would be

This stupid governemnt should stop siding with these mums
To analyze these situations
And do what is right

These innocent children
Should not endure such ridiculous behaviours
They should not be ridiculed or even labelled

This stupid government needs a new plan
To protect these children
And give the fathers a chance